A small step back into the world

After a long hiatus and a somewhat protracted writer's block I've decided that it's time. It's time to brush the dust from my writing keyboard and resume staring into the abyss.

I have noticed the world has gone to hell since I stopped writing regular-ish statements of intent to the world and it needs to be told what to do again. Financial misanthropy has taken root to an unhealthy degree and it is unheard of these days for any kind of policy or political conversation to exist without all sides of the discussion to fall back to begging for assistance at the feet of economic efficiency. Arguments of a nature embedded deeper in the hearts of people are discounted on some pseudo-scientific gobbledygook from some economist, because after all they are the arbiters of truth. When no economist can be found to support the indefensible, a scientist will be wheeled out and prodded to expound theories on cultural diversity or something equally as close to their realm of expertise. 

A balance must be found. After all the abyss does not exist without staring into its entrails.